Cnote forgive me

Verse 12. And forgive us our debts] Sin is represented here under the notion of a debt, and as our sins are many, they are called here debts. God made man that he might live to his glory, and gave him a law to walk by; and if, when he does any thing that tends not to glorify God, he contracts a debt with Divine Justice, how much more is he debtor when he breaks the law by actual transgression! It has been justly observed, "All the attributes of God are reasons of obedience to man; those attributes are infinite; every sin is an act of ingratitude or rebellion against all these attributes; therefore sin is infinitely sinful."

My question to you is… could you forgive a kiss? Is it worse if it’s an ex-boyfriend? Have you forgiven a kiss? Have you had a sneaky kiss and not told your partner? Do you think kissing counts as cheating?

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